What I do

I have lived in the Kullu Valley all of my life and know the region quite well. An Indian Skiing Champion when I was younger, I have also competed for India on an international level. I have been guiding all over the Indian Himalaya for over two decades. I have worked with groups from all over the world and still compete in Nordic skiing.

How I do it

I went on to complete all of the Indian Mountaineering Federation courses and born in the Adventure Capital of Himalayas, I’ve been exposed to every possible adventure since childhood and hence it’s nothing but a routine for someone like me.

Hence “People call it adventure, I call it routine.”

Where I live

An amorphous jumble of traditional timber houses and modern concrete cubes, divided by paved courtyards and narrow muddy lanes, It is the epicentre of the local budget travellers’ scene, with a good choice of guesthouses and cafés..

Famous for its sweeping valley views and sulphurous hot-water springs, the ever-expanding village of Vashisht, 2.5km northeast of Manali is where I’ve been living with my family for generations.


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The Company

High Himalayan Adventure is an outdoor activities company specialising in trekking, rock climbing, ski touring and multi activity holidays in the Kullu Valley, Northern India. We are based in the small village of Vashisht, in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Founded by two local guide/instructor, we have a professional and varied approach to our work in the mountains for more than 2 decades.

Our aim is to provide quality, small group holiday experiences and activities that have the minimum impact on the local communities and environment.

Company contribution

We use local guides and services for the majority of our trips and contribute to the development of the local people and area. We try and encourage our group members to have a caring and responsible attitude towards the area and positively encourage acceptance and integration of the local customs and beliefs. Our contribution to the local industry includes: rock climbing camps for local kids, paragliding instruction to aspiring local pilots and a continuing job to develop the rock climbing in the valley. Our guides are very active within the local climbing community and are involved in the cleaning and bolting of new crags and canyons.

On our trips we also encourage our group members to actively keep the areas we visit clean and refrain from adding to the problem that some areas of India suffer from regarding waste and irresponsible tourism. We aim to make a difference to the areas we visit.

As part of our contribution to the protection of the local environment, once a month we organize and ‘Clean Up Trek’ from our office in Vashisht and spend the day clearing a designated area in the valley.